Website Design & Development

Forget cookie-cutter templates, your website’s design and functionality need to marry your brand’s identity. Your website can be an accurate reflection of what you believe is your business’s genuine personality.

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Content Writing

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what if you actually need people to read about your service or product? Make every word count by ensuring the text exemplifies your business’s values and beliefs.

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Digital Marketing

Now you have a brand and a website, but how will people who require your service find you online? Social media posts and ads, Pay Per Click campaigns, and SEO keyword-enriched content is your path to visibility.

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Custom Shopify Websites

Whether you need fully customised Shopify website design and development, or a custom design to fit a Premium Shopify theme, be happy knowing a custom design sets you apart from default Shopify themes which often suffer a lack of originality.

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Brand Story Writing

Driving people to visit your website is only one aspect of marketing. Long-term customer retention and loyalty is established when people trust your brand. An authentic brand story instils feelings of integrity and transparency, leading to long-lasting business relationships.

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Proofreading and Editing

For copywriting, if you’re capable, have the time, and have the confidence to write yourself, it’s in your best interest to have your writing proofread and copyedited by a professional. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are vital, as is sewing in your brand’s story and values throughout the content.

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Multilingual Marketing

The Internet has literally erased all national boundaries when it comes to how we interact online. If your business would like to speak in more than one language, a multilingual website is the answer.

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Mobile Solutions

We live in an era of mobile phones and tablet computers, always connected to each other and our collective treasure trove of information. Over half of all internet searches are made on mobile devices, so your website needs to respond to all screen sizes.

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MiSolution built the website for Legal Light Bulbs and helps to keep it operating smoothly. They did a terrific job creating the content and choosing the images that I asked for. Jesse is an easy person to communicate your ideas to. He’s a good listener and helps to translate the client’s vision into reality. He’s also an excellent writer with years of experience doing this sort of writing. I strongly recommend MiSolution for anyone’s website needs.

Professor Patricia Easteal AM, Principal Consultant