TPS ATM SEO Page Ranking Results

TPS ATM are a great example of how no matter where you are in the world, My Internet Solution can help you with your SEO keyword written website content. We are located in Melbourne, Australia, and TPS ATM are located in the state of New Jersey in the USA, but nonetheless we were able to put TPS ATM on Page 1 in Google’s organic search rankings for a number of terms and geographic areas.

TPS ATM told us they wanted to rank well for the search terms ‘ATM Repair’, ‘ATM Dispenser Repair’, and ‘ATM Sales’ in their area of South Jersey, and if possible, for the entire state of New Jersey. As you can see in the screenshots shown here, My Internet Solution was able to get Page 1 rankings for these terms, sometimes with more than one link shown on each page. This did not require a large amount of written content, just the main pages and a few blog articles were all it took in this niche industry (competitive industries often need more blog articles to achieve the same outcome).



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