“Jesse S Somer” SEO Page Ranking Results

Jesse S. Somer is My Internet Solution’s Head Writer, and stands as a perfect example of the power of written content on the Internet. Having written online for over 10 years, there are now around 1 million links related to his articles, and they are here to stay. This is the great aspect of written Internet content; it stays online indefinitely, therefore essentially advertising your business forever. You only pay for the initial writing – after that it’s ‘free’ web traffic.

Google Adwords are great for getting people to your website right away, and we recommend using them as part of your web traffic strategy. The only issue is if you stop paying for the ads, they disappear from the Internet. This won’t be a problem if your Return On Investment (ROI) from Adwords is always more than your marketing outlay, but if your budget is low one month, wouldn’t you like a firm organic search foundation to fall back on in times of need?


Jesse S Somer