Allowing the client’s own unique designs to shine

Squid Inc. is a character design and animation studio, which meant this custom website project involved a certain level of restraint by our own web designer. If we made the web design too elaborate or ‘fancy’, it would detract from the client’s amazing characters and animations. Our aim was to employ the element of subtlety; emphasising the creativity of Squid Inc.’s designs, while adding to the overall look and feel, or atmosphere, of this creative online identity.

Animations, Comics, Cartoons – So many images to choose from!

When we ask most businesses for images to use on their new website, we receive looks of unabashed surprise, shame, or even despair! Their photos aren’t high resolution, they only have stock images to play with, or they arrive completely empty-handed. With Squid Inc. we experienced the total opposite side of the equation. We received a literal library of digital drawings, photos, and paintings, and it was up to us to ascertain what should be used, and what would need to be pushed to the side for future notice.

Empowering the client to upload projects themselves

Part of the creative brief was to integrate a WordPress CMS (Content Management System) into the otherwise sleek, fast, custom website build, so the clients could easily upload new creative design projects themselves. The solution to having to try out tons of content was to set-up a design the client could easily drop images into. We then provided specific instructions for content structure on each page and project, which made the process much easier and less time-consuming.

The result was a cool, simple website design that focused on creative assets, while simultaneously adding animations to amplify the overall feel. We highlighted Squid Inc.’s artwork using the movement of graphics to showcase their skillset, implementing our own subtle animations without detracting from the experience. On the contrary – they emphasise the intricate design work from an agency whose principal designed for the likes of Walt Disney and Warner Bros.