What is yoga if it doesn’t involve movement?

Pantala came to MiSolution already holding solid brand guidelines and a well-defined style guide – an excellent feat for a start-up business. The brand style dictated a strong desire for textures, black and white imagery with coloured overlays, and the use of custom fonts to be integrated into the website. When the project was placed in our hands, UX Web Designer Diana Tan decided that as yoga is movement of the body, mind, and spirit, we needed to incorporate several features in which to emphasise this fact into the website’s overall design.

Movement on the Screen in Conjunction with the Eye

The first place one views a website is on its Home page banner or ‘hero image’. What better way to focus on movement than by placing a short video backdrop in this location? Immediately, the site visitor’s attention is grabbed by a forward-moving aerial view as we travel above a forest – nature being one of Pantala’s major brand focuses. Pantala’s yoga and meditation immersions often involve being submerged into beautiful elements of the natural world.

Next, we super-imposed a circular design surrounding a woman’s image – a reference to holistic perspectives and Pantala’s slogan of ‘Living with more aliveness’ ¬over the bottom of the video, forcing the viewer’s eye to scroll down the page, often a difficult task in a modern world where short attention spans reign supreme. The circular design infers movement in and of itself, as it shows a woman in a state of bliss or joy encompassed by a circle comprised of both colour and dramatic lines.

Having Similar Values is Integral to both B2B and B2C Relationships

Beneath the circular design we then subtly placed the brand’s values, these words slowly shifting from one to the next, its text a soft grey colour designed to almost subliminally connect with site users on an emotive level. There is nothing more important than the values behind your organisation, and a chance to focus on this in a moving context resulted in further helping to establish Pantala’s intended online identity.

Upon launch the client felt the website’s design was an accurate representation of the brand, and whenever viewed, felt a powerful connection and feeling of ownership towards why the organisation exists to help, ‘facilitate deeper levels of self-enquiry so people can transform their life paths to become more meaningful, loving, and abundant human beings.’

MiSolution embraced and enhanced the brand design we provided, optimising it for the website, i.e. integrating motion video in conjunction with a clever use of design elements throughout the site. We thoroughly enjoyed the copywriting process and felt Jesse had a very clear view of what we wanted to achieve – and nailed it. It felt like a very collaborative process and the outcome was fantastic. We appreciated the team’s overall perseverance in getting the website pushed live with no outstanding bugs! From our own experience, we know often towards the end of a project teams are fatigued and over it, but everyone seemed to remain positive and had a shared goal of completing a great website.

Asha Easteal, Director