Shifting from BI and Data Analytics products to service provider

A small company selling BI (Business Intelligence) and Data Analytics products to several major Australian telco, transport, and utilities companies made the fundamental decision to pivot and adjust its business plan to become a service provider employing a wide range of experts using numerous related BI products. A logo, business cards, and website were required, as was the writing of website content and employee profiles.

Discovering the voice, tone, language, and style of the brand

It may sound strange, but the main hurdle for the Optivia project was in writing its website text content and brand story. We learned a lot from the experience. We’ve never written so many drafts, but by the end of the process the client felt as though it was an accurate representation of its fledgling brand.

When it comes to content writing, the businesses that hire our services are either too busy to write themselves; comprehend they don’t have staff with the ability to do so (Writing is not the same as speaking … ); or they know how to write, but don’t feel confident to attack the blank page or computer screen. With Optivia, its team leader had a clear idea of what they wanted, but needed a strong foundation to work from.

Did we write this content ourselves?

The staff member in charge of content writing at Optivia was an extremely particular person who knew exactly what he wanted, yet didn’t have the time to get it down on paper. By jump-starting the process via face-to-face content interviews to build a skeleton of base copy to work from, the internal team member collaborating on the project was able to impose his will on the body of work.

In the end he felt as though he’d written the text himself, and in some ways, he had. But it was only through the act of working and writing together that a final polished version of text could have been produced. Optivia has grown quickly, now servicing several major Australian corporations that one would usually expect to be working with a ‘Big Four Consultancy’. Even the largest of corporations now understands the value of working together with smaller operators – you just can’t get the same personalised relationship and attention elsewhere. The same can be said for working together with MiSolution.