A flood of photos heading towards us like a runaway freight train

The inaugural Australian Photography Competition was held in Melbourne’s Town hall in late 2019. Amongst other challenges, we needed to ensure all of the high-resolution photographic entries could be loaded up, viewed, and voted on by the hundreds of people seeing it advertised on the local Melbourne train network, and thousands online in Australia and overseas – not to mention being able to handle the actual uploading of entrants’ submissions.

Page ‘Speed’ – not Keanu on a bus without brakes, but a train

Our social media ads and posts brought hundreds of entrants and thousands of website visitors over a relatively short period of time. This meant we needed to configure an image gallery on the Home page that could show all of the photos without having them all load up simultaneously slowing down the site. We also had to compress the images without losing the quality one would expect from a national photography competition.

Next, we needed the ability to vote on each photo, while creating a function minimising the risk of the same people voting for an image more than once. With over $20,000 in prizes, these challenges required a focused angle of attack. MiSolution had to design and develop solutions leading to optimal results.

A picture is worth a 1,000 words and Australia has a lot to say

Beautiful images from Australia and overseas were submitted into the website, with the best of the best being exhibited in a photo gallery at the award ceremony in Melbourne. The social media campaign brought more than enough quality entrants, while the Amateur Smartphone and People’s Choice categories garnered a massive number of votes from the wider community. It was a truly memorable experience for those of us in the engine room feeding coal into the code.