Combining Spiritual, Material, and Digital Worlds

The team at Living Oneness required a web presence to show the digital world who they are, and to offer its real-life yoga retreats, which practitioners should be able to pay for online. Even though their first website iteration would only be selling services like masterclasses, retreats, and workshops, and not physical products, an eCommerce platform was required. Together we collaborated with the client to create the atmosphere they wanted visitors to feel upon arriving at their brand. It’s amazing what you can do with a custom design, imagery, and a Premium Shopify theme. As soon as you land on Living Oneness’s homepage one can’t help but be transported into an earthly yet spiritual realm.

Directing the Web Design Process to Transcend the Monkey Mind

The main challenge for this project was pinning down a design that resonated with the foundation’s owners. All people need to contend with the ‘monkey mind’, and this includes those human beings who are well acquainted with deeper forms of consciousness. As the main person behind the brand was moving house from a green forest setting to a blue ocean landscape, the colour scheme and imagery needed to be altered several times during the design process. In the end, the motif focused more on the red and yellow fire energy of the soul, burning incense, and burning candles.

One needs to be flexible and bend in the wind, as opposed to being snapped in half due to overt rigidity. We did our utmost to satisfy changing minds and opinions and found that once the client had chosen a single portal of communication at the client side, we were able to get to the root chakra of the website. Like other Shopify Premium Theme website builds, we were able to keep costs down, while our custom design worked to make the entire website ‘feel’ like a full custom build.

An Online Portal Offering Opportunities to Explore the Inner World

Think about it; actually, don’t, just feel, as thinking could get in the way … A digital presence representing people in the physical world teaching methods to access the spiritual. What an interesting combination of worlds! The result is a website that feels as though you’ve entered a consecrated space for meditation, but you’ve also encountered authentic, transparent people driven by a genuine calling to help humanity evolve to a higher level of consciousness.

Paying for a retreat can be done from anywhere in the world, as can access to this community via their newsletter subscription. In the end, one could see this as an eCommerce business, but the people behind the brand would say money is only part of the transfer of energies. This online portal opens doors to other realms of consciousness, and the result since going live online are that all events have been sold out. It’s amazing how much access to the worldwide web of ideas can change our earthbound lives.