Helping a Local Business Imprint its Ecological Footprint in the Australian eCommerce Marketplace

Little Green Hampster, a sustainable, eco-friendly gift hamper business, was the pandemic brainchild of two successful corporate professionals who wanted to change the world for the better one little hamster step at a time. In a challenging moment when much of humanity needed to share positive energy more than ever before, the two friends wanted to offer gift hampers that affected people deeply, while having as light an impact as possible on the planet. Our challenge was to quickly establish this new local brand identity as a force to be reckoned with across the entire Australian domestic market.

A Hamster with a Shoestring Budget Needs Guerrilla Marketing to Make an Impression

Using Shopify as our chosen eCommerce platform, we preferred to develop a fully custom website, but when budgets are tight, the aim is to use our resources as best as possible. Our solution was to find a suitable premium Shopify theme that could work well in conjunction with a custom web design built within the constraints of its templated layout. Basically, we wanted to create a template website that looked like a custom build, and we’ve since gone on to produce many more websites with this same philosophy in mind.

Once the website was complete, we then attacked social media and Google Ads via low cost, yet effective campaigns designed to drive traffic and build brand identity. One of our gorilla strengths was found in Little Green Hampster’s biodegradable, recyclable, reusable hamper products offering carefully selected pieces of premium quality gifts that were unique from the competition. People loved them, and so the team requested Google Reviews, resulting in genuine recognition in this burgeoning market segment. Read a fake review next to a real one and you can feel the difference in your little hamster bones.

Thoughtful Branding and Products Resonate with the Hearts and Minds of Caring People

What type of customers do you think Little Green Hampster’s campaigns attracted? Would it surprise you to know one of its top clients sends gift hampers to all the major charity organisations across Australia? Meaningful gifts produced by people who care about the world are ending up in the hands of those helping society’s most disadvantaged and marginalised, as well as people supporting nature, the environment, animals, the sea, and the forests.

There are many reasons for Little Green Hampster’s success after starting from scratch, but we argue the main one is this business’s authentic brand voice. There is no pretentiousness with this brand story – it comes from the spirits of those human beings dedicating their time and energy to make it happen. We at MiSolution are honoured to support businesses making a positive impact on the planet, no matter how small, especially when it’s as tiny as a hamster’s ecological footprint.