Law Professor starts consultancy, needs brand built from the ground up

A well-renown Law Professor with accolades including an Order of Australia (AM) and Australian of the Year (ACT) decides to set-up a consultancy to further help Australian society via training and education, research, and expert court reports

Hundreds of published articles and books on contentious topics

There were two major challenges when creating the Legal Light Bulbs brand and its associated website. The first had to do with a life-long academic wanting to exhibit every work they’d ever published on the website – hundreds of articles and nearly twenty books. We didn’t want a web page that visitors would have to scroll for hours on to find what they were looking for.

The second issue was the subject matter the client researched and wrote extensively on. Domestic violence and sexual assault-based text content, even when written in a legal context, often included words that search engines like Google could perceive negatively, potentially even blocking pages on the site. We needed to write the content in a way that wouldn’t scare away site visitors nor agitate the mathematical algorithms that comb through and index websites.

Mega-menus and non-inflammatory, inclusive content

To solve the issue of endless bibliographic citations, we created a special ‘hidden’ page only accessed via contextual internal links placed throughout the website’s text content. On said page we designed a Mega-menu that acted like an accordion, dropping down sub-lists based on the types of publication being searched for by the user. This kept the page short for scrolling, meant it added a lot of valuable keyword-enriched content for organic page rankings, and hiding the page ensured site visitors wouldn’t see a text-only page as default on the website’s navigation bar – an issue that can cause people to immediately bounce and leave a website.

Since going live online Legal Light Bulbs has performed projects for the University of Melbourne, The Australian National University, Victorian Police, ACT Government Justice and Community Safety, and the academic journal, ‘Our Watch’.