Taking concrete structures to the next level

Kascorp has been working in the concrete formwork industry for many years. After securing and successfully completing several large building development projects, the team at Kascorp wanted to appeal to even larger developments. Management desired a new, more professional website, including written content and brand story, that would set them apart from the competition, as well as help grow its own business footprint.

Dedicated construction workers interested in ‘concrete’ solutions

The team at Kascorp knows what it means to work hard, stay focused, and only follow through on concrete (pun intended) projects and plans. The only issue is they are so into their construction work they left little time, space, or manpower to address all aspects of their new website build, as well as the all-important text copy to show Melbournians how they differ from their competitors.

Another project challenge was Kascorp’s requirement for an Image Gallery page to show photos of all the projects they’d been working on or recently completed. We needed to be able to handle a large number of images without slowing down the load speed of the website.

Building the website and its stories one level at a time

MiSolution attacked the project by first interviewing Kascorp’s management team about what was most important to show prospective clients online, as well as how to craft the tone, voice, language, and style of its reinvigorated brand story. Our first touch of success came with the new slogan, ‘Taking structures to the next level’. As Kascorp develops buildings one story at a time, we felt the pun worked well, as its team wanted to emphasise how its contemporary practices and standard operating procedures made collaboration on projects with Kascorp so much easier than with more traditional businesses in this arena.

Secondly, we handled the photo gallery challenge by instituting software that would allow images to load up gradually, so site users wouldn’t have to wait aeons to see Kascorp’s great work. We don’t take credit for their ongoing success – Kascorp now works on those very large projects and has since moved its own operations to larger capacity facilities – but we do take pride in knowing we may have played a small hand in developing its revitalised brand story and identity on the worldwide web.