DeRUCCI Cup Tennis Championship


Sneaking in a match before the Australian Open

The DeRUCCI Cup local Melbourne tennis competition was held in the days just prior to the Australian Open 2020. The problem was we needed to design and develop the website quickly – only receiving the brief a couple of weeks before the player registration landing page needed to be launched online. This timeline would still barely allow enough time to advertise on social media.

Not everyone could open the website

We were able to get the website completed in time, but then another challenge arose. One of the main stakeholders in the competition was located in China, and as the website was on a shared server holding thousands of websites (one of which must have been flagged as inappropriate – definitely not one of our own), they couldn’t open the website there. We migrated the website to a new server that could be viewed in China until the competition was over, and the problem was solved.

A winning event for all involved

After running Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns, the DeRUCCI Cup had over 100 registered competitors, some of whom were in the World Tennis Rankings. A crowd base from the local community also came to watch the matches and partake in free tennis lessons. The amount of traffic to the website exceeded all expectations, and what could have been a disaster due to an extremely short timeline eventually culminated in a successful digital marketing campaign.