Creating a Brand is Akin to Designing Furniture – It Takes Imagination

When Comfy Contours came to MiSolution they had a different brand name, had created their logo and Shopify theme website themselves, and yet business was growing. This is because of the people behind the brand. Just speak with them and you feel at ease. This was the feeling we wanted to imbue into their new branding. Their furniture business had done well servicing an entry-level market segment, but now they had newer, more stylish furniture on offer, and they needed a brand identity to represent a luxury quality product and achieve the prices their furniture now deserved.

It Begins with Storytelling, Giving Voice to the Brand’s Authentic Values

A business is run by people, but Comfy Contours’ previous business name didn’t accurately represent the quality of product or service on offer. After an intensive brand discovery session, our copywriter together with our UX/UI designer mapped out several options for a new brand name, with associated stories presented to the client. The name and story that resonated most with the business owners (and their families) was chosen. We then expanded on the story while our graphic designer created several logo sketches for the new name. Again, the client chose the logo they felt best matched their values and the type of people they are working to serve.

As the brand already had a Shopify website, we reskinned the website by employing a Premium Shopify theme together with a custom design created to fit the new  layout. The result is a theme website that for all intents and purposes appears to be a custom build, achieved for a more feasible budget that many SME businesses require. Our UX/UI designer then got to work finessing images and icons to ensure brand continuity across the website. We were sewing the threads of story, displaying the human philosophy behind the brand, just as furniture designers sew thread for form, function, style, and comfort.

Much More of a Makeover than the Reupholstering of a Sofa Lounge

So, what was the tangible result of our project collaboration? The brand name Comfy Contours was born, as well as the story behind it. Renaming of furniture ranges and models rounded out the new nomenclature. Most importantly, the people behind the brand now felt they had an identity that accurately portrayed their mission and vision. Their new furniture offering in conjunction with their new branding was so appealing, they even decided to add an Interior Design service to the website.

What about customers? How did the market respond? Well, immediately sales increased, as did the value of their online presence. A new customer segment began to get in touch, one who wouldn’t have been as interested in their previous brand voice. This meant due to selling a more premium quality product they could make larger margins on sales, as opposed to their prior focus on quantity to hit their sales targets. For our team, it was a truly enjoyable experience to create a new brand from scratch. It’s amazing to see imagination evolve into creative ideas that are then realised in the material world.