A holistic brand identity 'living off the sheep's back'

MiSolution was tasked with a two-pronged brief: Establish a luxury brand in a traditional Australian industry known for its pragmatic and simplistic values; Develop a brand identity portrayed as being a genuine information source in the sphere.

A humble wool quilt no more

For generations in Australia, wool quilts have been designed, manufactured, branded, packaged, and sold in a ubiquitous manner. This product has always had direct ties with the Australian sheep-farming ethos, and has been treated as being a simple everyday bedding item. As Aumore Wool was embarking on an ambitious route by sourcing the most premium Australian Downs wools and Egyptian cottons for its quilts and underlays – not to mention skilled artisans and high-tech German machinery, we needed to get away from the norms in this traditional industry. We had to create a luxury product that could be associated with the best fashion brands at the Paris End of Collins Street.

The brand story was written to change the way people feel about quilts, the message being that this product can add another dimension to one’s lifestyle. The imagery sees quilts in a light they’ve never been shown before, focusing on the finer details of the products, and the environment they come from.

An eCommerce website doubling as a genuine source of industry knowledge

MiSolution was given the task to create a new brand story, logo icon, eCommerce website, product catalogue, brochure, packaging, and factory signage. Wool quilts were about to enter a completely new dimension. Aumore Wool would change consumer preconceptions about this utilitarian product by using materials and handmade skills unseen before in the manufacturing process, whilst concurrently positioning themselves as a true source of knowledge and information in the industry. Thus, the MiSolution campaign, ‘Handmade Touches’ was born.

Within one month of launching the new website, a major player in the domestic wool quilt industry contacted Aumore Wool and made an offer to buy the brand outright, or to adopt it into their group of product brands. As flattering as this was to Aumore Wool, they decided to continue building their brand’s reputation and business on their own.

‘We have used MiSolution for website design, content writing, graphic design, and digital marketing for several years. We have really enjoyed working with Jesse throughout this period. We found Jesse to have a broad knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in business, as well as having a great ability to put himself in other people’s shoes. He is always thinking ahead for us and planning what to do next. He takes his work very seriously, so he pays great attention to detail. Also, most importantly, he is genuinely enthusiastic about what he does.’

Lisa Yuan, Director, Vitalize Mattress