ASA Building Consultants


Launch Website

Supporting a Well-Established Business via Integration of Online Payments & Multilingual Pages

ASA Building Consultants is a reputable Melbourne business offering building permits and inspections, who has been active in the industry for decades. ASA came to MiSolution wanting to update its website’s design, as well as integrating online payments, forms, and multilingual pages. Our goal was to make sure all of ASA’s clients could access the information they required with a simple click of a button.

A popular business focused solely on its own clients

The main challenge for this project was how hard ASA’s staff was working on its own clients’ projects. They were so focused on doing their jobs, it was difficult to drag them away to focus on anything else. We work best by collaborating via a single portal of communication at the client’s end, who acts as a funnel for information and manages their end of the project.

ASA appointed a staff member to the role, and their proactive, conscientious approach ensured the project stayed on track. It was a good reminder to everyone who works in collaborations or who partakes in project/client relationships – each side of the equation requires a single voice and a solid focus to ensure a website project can come to fruition. ASA got it done.

Providing access to a segment of the client base who speaks a different language

ASA realised around 40% of its client base spoke either Mandarin or Cantonese as their native tongue, and so had Chinese staff on its team to accommodate this segment of their business. However, nowhere online did their website inform prospective customers they had this advantage. To solve this issue, MiSolution created a multilingual website with English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese versions of each page’s text.

Next, we added an online payment gateway so ASA’s customers could easily go online and pay their invoices via credit card or bank transfer. We helped integrate ASA’s accounting software and CRM into the website, which meant they could easily track all transactions as well as building permit and inspection enquiries. Site visitors could also fill out online application forms. Now, ASA wasn’t just as limber as its competitors, its service actually offered more advantages to its clientele.