All businesses are unique! Even yours… We’ll tell you how we know.

As My Internet Solution’s head website content writer, it always surprises me to interview a new client about their business only to discover I didn’t know that type of business even existed. Human beings can have a lot of different careers in our world, and you’d be surprised to know you are only aware of the most common business types.

Some examples, you ask? Know what a property staging business is? Ever come across a real estate comparison company? Did you know there are businesses specialising in lymphatic drainage massage? Have you ever met a tax accountant expert in Family Trusts? Did you know there are companies creating and selling personalised baby clothes? How about electronic drum kit manufacturers? Sustainable printing operations? ATM transaction specialists? Property development marketers? Image consultants? Career coaches? These are just a few of our former and current customers, and let me tell you, these are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

If you want to get even more strange, you should know people have had successful businesses creating ‘bed bug barriers’, offering to ‘rent you a chicken’, selling pet toilets, creating cheese sculptures, organising suburban camping, and even offering mobile wedding services.

Who said the moon isn't made of cheese? Some businesses make cheese sculptures for a living... What does your business do? My Internet Solution
Who said the moon isn’t made of cheese? Some businesses make cheese sculptures for a living… What does your business do?

You don’t have to create cheese sculptures for a living to be passionate about what you do everyday. One of my favourite aspects of my work is when I have to interview a business for their new website. It’s quite fun, even if the business in question is considered ‘common’. This is because people run businesses, and all people are different from one another. This means if I interview three mortgage brokers, they are going to tell me three totally different stories (it’s true – they have).

Every business or person we interview for website content or blog articles looks at the world and their profession from a unique perspective. Each business is passionate about different aspects of their work, and takes varied approaches to solving problems or analysing situations. Even the most ‘boring’ sounding jobs (E.G. tax accountant) can actually be quite interesting if you get to know the minds behind the project, and why they’ve dedicated their lives to this occupation.

After being interviewed by My Internet Solution for website text, it’s quite common to hear people say they weren’t previously aware of how good they were at what they did, or how passionate they were about what they do. Many customers have told us going through the website text content interview process has actually helped them to understand their business more clearly, and so afterwards felt like they had a clearer idea about how to plan for the future.

Got a unique way of doing your business, or feel you’re passionate about certain aspects of your line of work that your competitors are not? This type of information speaks to your prospective clients; it tells them who you are, and differentiates you from the crowd of other businesses offering similar services or products. Don’t just be another business – show people how you are special! Let us put your thoughts and ideas online for the world to read. Call My Internet Solution for a website content interview now!

By Jesse S. Somer, My Internet Solution

Thanks to smcgee for use of the image via a Creative Commons license!