So you’re a blogger. Why do you do it?

When I first started the MiContent blog I wrote a post called, ‘Everyone will have a voice. Everyone will have a blog.’

It was a sort-of introductory piece where I imagined what blogging could be like in the future. I based it around some words written by a blogger named Chip Scanlan at his post entitled ‘Why I blog’. At the end of his post he asked his readers, ‘So, why do you blog?’ and subsequently listed ten responses. There’s some interesting feedback there with quite varying answers to the query. I had a quick search on Google and there were 156 million links to the words, ‘Why I blog.’

So, it seems that a lot of people are talking about why they blog. I’d like to know why you blog? Yes you. I’m also going to send this out to some popular bloggers because I would like to know what the hardcore ‘live-to-blog’ people’s driving inspirations are.

Here are ten questions you could answer but feel free to let your stream-of consciousness answers flow, as I’m sure this is a topic very close to your heart. Or is it? Maybe heart has nothing to do with it in your case.

Why I Blog:

By, A. Blogger

  1. Do you blog to clear your mind?
  2. Do you blog for fun?
  3. Do you blog to relax?
  4. Is your blogging related to your business mission?
  5. Do you blog to communicate and relate with others?
  6. Do you blog to remind yourself of lessons you learnt, or great things that occurred that you otherwise may forget?
  7. Do you blog to share knowledge?
  8. Do you blog to stay in touch with your loved ones?
  9. Do you blog to give yourself an identity in the world?
  10. Do you blog so that you can have your say, so that individual perspectives can finally be heard in a world that has been controlled by mass-media?

I look forward to reading your thoughts on this matter as this is one of the main reasons I write MiContent’s blog. Maybe later (if you’re interested) I’ll tell you some of the many reasons that I blog!

Today Jesse S. Somer is ‘blogging to find out why other bloggers blog’. Say those words really quickly ten times in a row.