Kitschy Crafts Created by Cunning Characters

It’s time again to review one of the millions of blogs ‘out there’ in the Blogosphere. Wait a sec. Maybe I mean ‘in here’ in the Blogosphere? I found a pretty cool blog that some of you might really get a kick out of. It’s called ‘Craftster’ and can be found at ‘Craftster‘. This is a blog for people who are interested in creating things with their own two hands. However, it doesn’t seem to be too much like those old knitting magazines that you see at Grandma’s house. There’s some really crazy stuff here. They’ve got a great tagline as well at the top of their blog (very important for catching peoples’ attentions) ‘Rock is dead. Long live paper and scissors!’

Let’s see, zombie and robot teddy bears anyone? They recently had a little competition (Craft Challenge #15, they’re obviously in on the fact that prizes will always cause people to get off their butts to do some hard work!) and this winning teddy bear had removable intestines. Just so you know (for fellow master creators) it was made from fleece, felt, and Polyfil, and stands 16 inches high.

There are some really imaginative and weird people out there. I really liked this crocheted robot with its little polymer clay piggie friend (It’s hard to believe it’s handmade.)

Then there was the previous Challenge: ‘The Little Tiny Challenge’. The winner was this tray of miniscule fast food that is actually edible. It looks like it still would pack a punch though; probably still has more calories than a full-size salad!

If you’re out there still wondering what to write a blog about, or possibly just confused about which types of blogs to try and search for, this blog should give you the strong impression that you can write and find others writing about just about anything in the known Universe. Come to think of it, there are people writing about the unknown Universe as well ‘Paranormal Magazine‘. There are also even people writing about virtual and quantum realities, places that most people don’t even know they are visiting.

You can blog about anything. In essence blogs are becoming the medium for humanity to journal everything about our existence. If I was from another planet and wanted to see what life on Earth was like 5,000 years ago in humanity’s supposed year called 2006 A.D., I’d only have to check out the blog archives on our Internet. This is of course assuming that we keep creating new data storage technologies to keep our sacred ‘files of life’. Hmmm. ‘Blogs: Files of life.’

Jesse S. Somer isn’t so good at being crafty with his hands. That is of course if you don’t count making ‘kickass’ pizzas. They’re not so original to be remembered throughout the ages, but they do taste unbelievably good!