One good way you’d assume (however, ‘assuming’ often makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’!) to find good blogs out in the World Wide Web would be to check out some blog award sites. One such site I discovered is called the ‘Bloggies’. The Bloggies are awards voted on by the general Internet-viewing public and cover many different categories ranging from ‘Best African Weblog’, to ‘Best Tagline of a Weblog’, to ‘Best Teen Weblog’. There are around 30 categories in total, and this is the sixth year of this popular award site’s existence.

Scanning down through the categories you can link to last year’s winners as well as the four closest runner-up nominees per area of interest. I decided to check out some of the ‘best’ blogs of 2005. As I mentioned in my last post ‘Laughter-inducing content is just as important as serious blogging matters’, I like a good laugh as much as the next guy on the block. The winner of last year’s ‘Most Humorous Weblog’ was ‘Overheard in New York‘. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read the posts here! It’s a really clever idea that seems to have connected with just about anyone in the community that’s come across it. What’s involved is simple. If you’re out on your general travels in New York (there’s also ‘Overheard at the beach‘ for those who love the sand and ‘Overheard in the office‘ for the ‘stuck in a cubicle’ generation, which both could encompass a much larger audience, although there are definitely a lot of people wagging tongues in ‘The Big Apple’) you listen to the conversations of your fellow travellers/society and if you here something that sounds a bit silly, you record it in your mind and then post it on the site. You wouldn’t believe what comes out the mouths of the supposedly most-evolved, super-intelligent, top species on the hierarchal pyramid of Earth’s sentient beings…

Here’s an example to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

 ‘Wait, What Was the Old White?’

Latina: Like white people. You know, like you.
Jewish guy: I’m not white, I’m Jewish.
Latina: Didn’t you heard, Jew is the new white.
Jewish guy: Oh.
–4th St & Broadway
Overheard by: Noemi

Last year’s ‘Best Food Blog’ went to ‘Vegan Lunchbox‘. Technically I’m pretty far from being a vegan (I did it for a couple of months for health reasons, and I was a vegetarian for 8 years). However, I now eat cheese, chocolate, and fish. I know there’s a technical term for it, but I just call myself a ‘fishatarian’. Anyway, the Vegan Lunchbox is a pretty interesting blog. I know a lot of hardcore meat-eaters. I live with a Hungarian barbarian as well as a ‘Meat Pizza Junkie’ who both firmly believe (they were brought up to, culturally) that if there’s no meat, there’s no taste. I used to think this way too when I was a kid; all those side dishes of frozen mini-vegetables…Yuck! This clever vegan blogger has heaps of recipes of great tasting cuisine that could easily convert card-carrying carnivores into becoming veritable vegan volunteers. Check it out.

‘Go Fug Yourself’ won both the ‘Best Entertainment Weblog’ and ‘Best Writing of a Weblog’ awards, as well as being nominated for ‘Best American Weblog’. This is probably a ‘must-see’ for celebrity-hunting gossipers, but personally I don’t have a clue how it could receive an award for anything to do with writing. Possibly it’s for the witty commentary that accompanies the all-too-prevalent photographs of famous people who have been busted dressing poorly (‘Fuglies’ are ‘F*%$ing uglies’, didn’t you know?), but there just has to be so many more well-written blogs out there! The blog’s tagline is ‘Fugly is the new pretty’…

The winner of ‘Best Asian Weblog’ is a great example of intelligent writing. Her vocabulary and style alone sets the bar far above anything that I read at ‘Go Fug Yourself’. You decide. Check out the rest of the winners as well. It may just give you some ideas on how to improve your own blogging as well as opening your eyes to what other people are ‘talking’ about in the world at large. You may one day aspire to pull off the ultimate challenge in ‘Bloggieness’: Winning Weblog of the Year’, which last year was taken by one of my favourites: ‘Post Secret‘.

Jesse S. Somer has yet to win a Bloggie, but he’ll have you know that in elementary/primary school he came in second place for the school’s Spelling Bee…It’s only up from here.