Laughter-inducing content is just as important as serious matters

Look, this is definitely a serious blog about blogging-there’s no denying this fact. I have and intend to keep writing as much as I can to help novice bloggers, share new technologies with the professionals, and review every kind of blog out there. I am yet to write about political blogs which of course play a huge role in the International community, but let me tell you, if it’s about blogs I’ll be studying it in my research. On that note, I think the reason that I’ve shied away from political and current affairs types of blogs so far has something to do with the seriousness of the content. The world can be oh-so-serious, and I just haven’t yet had the urge to step into those often turbulent waters as of yet.

What am I getting at here? As I’ve mentioned in previous posts like ‘What can you write about on your blog?’, you can blog about any topic in the Universe. As well as the crucial and vital content-based weblogs there are a lot of people out there who are producing online journals for the opposite effect. They want to help people relax, or even better, cause you to laugh and smile. The obvious area to now pursue would be comedy or humour but on this occasion I’ve come across a genre of blogging that is closer to our hearts: little creatures. You know what I mean, children, and animals, in particular pets (those little buddies who can often be as reliable as any best friend or family member).

The best place I’ve found for the latter is ‘Cute Overload‘. This blog goes a little against my usual foray, the written word, but ‘pictures speak a thousand words’ and these photos and movies of little critters can take a load off the widest and most masculine of shoulders. There’s a soft spot in every person, and I think there has to be at least one animal category that’ll make you smile. They’ve got a section on Hedgehogs for God’s sake! The most recent photo posted on November 1, 2006 (I can’t find the link!?) is of a little dog wearing a life vest out on a boat. This is a much more relaxing picture to contemplate compared with seeing a smiling George W. Bush trying to pick up Republican votes in the current U.S House of Representation state elections, don’t you think?

The other site I stumbled across today is at ‘Lil’ Duck Duck‘. They announce that their content is ‘Birth announcements, party invitations, and holiday cards’, not my usual type of blogging preference. However, if you’ve got kiddies at home, there’s actual written content here with heaps of ideas relating to bringing up children, and photos of ‘cute’ young ones doing there thing. Again, I will have to say after reading one of the posts entitled, ‘Tricks to get toddlers to eat’, please remember that blogs are often written from the perspectives of individuals or groups of people who have specific and often individual approaches, opinions, and beliefs about life. Therefore, never assume that the text you read is absolute fact. Do your own research. Critically analyse what is written. Use your own experience to help create your views. I was especially displeased after being told about this particular supposed method of getting toddlers to eat their food expressed in the above post, ‘Bribery!! You can have a candy if you eat all of your ______.’ Sounds like a case of future child obesity to me!

I’ll get back to the serious and technological information soon. As for now, please remember that blogs can lighten up people’s lives just as well as informing them on how to deal with serious illnesses and who to vote for in the next election.

Jesse S. Somer reckons if we vote for the cute little hairy people of the world we might do a bit better than we have with the tall, good-looking, always-smiling, fast-talking, never-say-no, social ‘rulers’ of today.