Is blogging as boring as standing in line at the post office?

Ok. Now this is what blogging is all about. I’m about to write my thoughts about another blogger’s post, where they themselves were commenting on another person’s blog. Hmmm…boring or interesting? The initial humorously titled blog post (by Richard MacManus) in this new game of opinion sharing can be found at: ‘Top ten reasons to give up blogging.’ It was written in the style of American TV presenter David Letterman’s ‘Top Ten Lists’ (I’m sure you’ve seen them one late night as you nibbled on some reheated pizza) who I personally don’t find to be as funny.

The second blogger who calls himself ‘The Jamoker’ wrote this response to the post: ‘Maybe it’s because tantric sex is better than blogging‘.  A few of his words on the subject sparked my interests about why blogging (like anything in life) can indeed become a boring activity.

“Yes, I think some people get bored with it. I think it becomes too much like work. To be done right, it has to be done daily. And, doing something every day becomes boring…it becomes too much like work. The appeal is lost. The “good times shared with others” is a fiction that only exists in the brochures and advertisements.

Without the good times, the interest wanes…

(For the record, there are 6 digits in my Technorati rank.)

Or, maybe people quit blogging because they start doing tantric sex.”

Blogging can be as boring as watching some old people play lawn bowls, or watching old reruns of ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ on TV, but it comes down to perspective. Maybe you don’t have to post everyday to have an effective medium of communication? The Jamoker says that it can become like work, but can’t work be fun if you’re doing something that genuinely interests you?

I’ve haven’t seen many brochures or advertisements expounding upon the good times brought about by blogging; blogging simply hasn’t been around that long. The reason that it has gotten so popular has been more through a ‘real’ need for this form of communication to exist. In essence, blogs have come to exist because we needed them. Tantric sex sounds like fun but if you’re writing about something that you love, I can’t see why that would ever be as boring as waiting for an airplane to take off on the runway, only to discover that someone forgot to put the oil cap back on the engine.

Jesse S. Somer is blogging, and he hasn’t been bored in a long time, not even in line at the supermarket (He likes looking at all the people’s faces and wondering what their ‘story’ is.)